Attorney General Jim Hood comments on Dr. Hayne and Dr. West

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Radley Balko has a piece up on his blog that takes issue with an
interview that Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood gave to the
Jackson Free Press last week. Hood’s recollections and
characterizations about his office’s efforts — or lack of them — as
well as his personal comments about pending legislation are
disingenuous at best. His claim about what unethical pathologists,
including Dr. Hayne, can and have done to affect the outcome of a case
is specious. His position about Dr. West — that he doesn’t defend the
man’s work — is belied by his office’s position in several matters,
including the Leigh Stubbs and Tami Vance case, which was just
remanded by the Mississippi Supreme Court to the trial court for a
post-conviction hearing on, among other issues, Dr. West’s
malfeasance. The AG’s office defended West’s work in their pleadings;
I expect that they will defend it at the hearing.

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